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Application Process and Board Experience

For Army OCS prospects who are currently Civilians and interested in enlisting to go to OCS. (09S)
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Application Process and Board Experience

Postby LH_1495 Mon Mar 26, 2018 6:15 pm

I just had my interview with the Board and have completed the application process with my enlistment into the Delayed Entry Program. I originally had my OCS packet filled out and ready to go in November 2017, but then it took me about three months to get a vision waiver. Upon getting the vision waiver approved last month, my recruiter secured me for the March board, which I had a couple of weeks ago. My experience involved the typical overnight MEPS trip not unlike what I had for the physical (wake up call at 0430, get on a bus and go to MEPS with other potential enlistees, etc.), except I went directly to an inspect in the morning. After that, it was a lot of waiting around at MEPS, as I was slotted for a 1330 interview time.

I was a little unsure of what to expect during the board interview, but in preparation, I researched a plethora of typical interview questions, along with Army OCS board interview-specific questions. My PT score is 269 and slowly improving, and my three references included a spiritual mentor, one manager from my former security job, and my group manager of my current employer. I was asked some situational questions that they tailored specifically to me after looking over my packet. Here are a few I remember, although there were more than these listed:

"Name a time when you took criticism about your leadership from a superior and how did you handle it?"
"Name a time when you faced opposition to a decision you made and how did you handle it?"
"How would you handle a heated argument between two soldiers with different religions or ideologies?"
"If you were walking through the motor pool and you overhear two male soldiers saying a fellow female soldier should not be allowed in a combat role, what would you do?"
"Tell me about Air Force ROTC, why you did not finish it, and why you are now applying to Army OCS" (I was in AFROTC for a semester in college)
"What Branch do you want and why"?
"If you do not get your branch...?"
"How would you respond if you do not make it through OCS and had to serve out your enlistment?"
"Is it better to be feared or respected and why?"

Also, expect some of the general interview questions which I had:

"Where do you see yourself in five years?"
"Why the Army over other branches?"
"Why Officer over Enlisted?"
"What are your strengths and weaknesses?"

I can't stress it enough: Situation, Action, Result.

The interview itself lasted about 20 minutes (At least that's what it felt like--I did not look at the time after) and was pretty relaxed. Being a civilian still in college, I was a little nervous going into it. However, the Officers who were interviewing me told me that the interview was just supposed to be a way to get to know me outside of what the packet told them. After the interview was over, they told me to wait outside the door for four minutes. They then brought me back in and told me I had their recommendation. They critiqued me on things specific to the interview, such as exuding more confidence, slowing down when I speak, etc. They recommended I join Toastmasters or something similar to improve my public speaking, which was a great recommendation. There was one other WOFT applicant who was going to interview after me.

I then went through some more administrative things and took the Oath and enlisted later that day. All in all the whole experience took about six months from when I first contacted my recruiter to taking the Oath of Enlistment. My recruiter was very squared away about getting my documents in, giving me timelines to submit things, and scheduling anything that needed to be scheduled, despite being his first OCS applicant, which helped a lot. Now I just have to graduate college and wait out the summer.

If anyone has any questions in which my personal experience could help, please do not hesitate to reach out.

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