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Long distance recruiting

Getting what you want in your contract, physicals/health, waivers, bonuses, benefits, shipping out questions
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Long distance recruiting

Postby everetttt Fri Mar 23, 2018 12:07 am

This may seem odd, but I am genuinely considering working with a recruiter on the opposite side of the country from me.

I am currently in Australia, so I have to stay up until midnight just to call a recruiter. Because the east coast opens for business earlier than the rest of the US, it is always an office on the east coast I make contact with when I need a question answered. The last time I made contact with an office, I met an extremely enthusiastic and encouraging recruiter over the phone. He was not the least bit lethargic that I was calling him about a potential OCS package for a guy not even in the United States. Though I told him I would be returning to California when I'm back in the US, he still gave me his personal number and offered to do something he called a courtesy. He said a courtesy (I'm paraphrasing here as this was a conversation at 1:00 AM a few days ago) was where he could remotely work with a recruit and ultimately submit the paperwork at his east coast office.

The thing is, the guy has a 100% success rate with OCS packages and does 7-8 a year. His success rate and the interactions I have had with him make me comfortable and confident in this recruiter.

Has anyone heard of long distance recruiting? Am I ridiculous for considering this?
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Re: Long distance recruiting

Postby PhantomWarrior Fri Mar 23, 2018 2:59 pm

It's been done. Usually because someone moves or, like you, they establish a good relationship with a recruiter in a another region. Usually it involves a plane flight or two for things like the OCS board and the MEPS visit (physical, contract, etc) where you have to be there in person.

If you are going back to California there is an entire recruiting battalion devoted to LA. And another three devoted to the rest of California as a whole. One of the more common reasons people work with a different recruiter is because they can't find a good recruiter in their area. With that many recruiters in your area you can probably find someone competent and motivated to get your OCS packet taken care of.

So I wouldn't say the idea is ridiculous. Given the recruiting coverage in California it may be unnecessary. Finding a local recruiter will probably save you the cost of a couple plane tickets. But if you really want to keep working with this recruiter there shouldn't be anything stopping you..

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