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After a recent update to the site, the recent topics settings for existing users were reset to the software's default which is different from the site defaults we use on our sites. We cannot override the default settings for existing users. If you wish to match the site's default settings follow these steps:

Navigating to the Setting Page
  • 1. Click on your username in the masthead
  • 2. Choose User Control Panel from the menu
  • 3. When the UCP page loads click on Board Preferences
  • 4. Click on Edit Display Options under Board Preferences
  • 5. The settings you want to tweak at the bottom of the form
Settings for Recent Posts
  • 1. Display recent topics: Yes
  • 2. Select location: Top
  • 3. Number of Recent topics to show: 10
  • 4. Sort recent topics by topic start time: No
  • 5. Only display unread topics in recent topics: No

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CPT and Moderator
Beating a dead horse to death. Taking things personally. Nothing is business, it's all personal.
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